Lewis and Clark Reach the Pacific
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I clean the rain off my face.Most explorers (探险家) hope to find land, but Meriwether Lewis and I, William Clark, came all the way from St.Louis to reach thePacificOcean. I turn around and face the rest of our ship members.


“We did it!” I shout,puttingupour flag.Everyone cheers as loudly as waves(波浪)hitting therocks."We've paddled (划桨)upstream, walked a long way oversnowymountains, and faced hungerand many other dangers. ”



At the time, I see the girl.She keeps silent.“Of course, without the help of our Indian friend, we wouldn't have made it Thank you, miss.



I look back at the Pacific and notice that Meriwether looks unhappy.I truly can understand why.We had hoped to see Asian trading ships at sea, but there are no ships anywhere.We planned to sail homebysea.Maybe the ships will come soon.If not, we'll have to go back the same way we came.





我擦去脸上的雨水。大部分探险家希望发现大陆,但梅里韦瑟·刘易斯和我,威廉·克拉克,从圣·路易斯一路行来到达了太平洋(the Pacific Ocean),我环顾四周,面对着我们的其他船员。

“我们做到了!”我大喊道,并举起(put up)我们的旗帜(flag)。大家欢呼(cheer),声音洪亮(loudly)就像海浪击打(hit)到岩石(rock)上。“我们划桨逆流而上(upstream),长途跋涉穿过雪山(snowy mountain),面对饥饿(hunger)和许多其他危险。”

这时我看到莎卡嘉薇亚。她保持沉默(keep silent)。“当然了,没有我们的印第安(Indian)朋友莎卡嘉薇亚的帮助,我们不可能完成。谢谢你,莎卡嘉薇亚”。

我回头望着太平洋并注意到梅里韦瑟看上去不开心。我的确可以理解他的心情。我们本希望在海上看到亚洲的(Asian)商船,可是却没有。我们计划乘船(by sea)回家。可能不久会有船来。如果没有,我们将不得不沿原路返回了。

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