Are You Going to Thank Her?
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Mrs. Greenhas lived near the park of the city for forty years. She's very rich and has got a lot of money.Bur she never buys something expensive for her family and always does all the housework herself. She sweeps all the rooms every day.

Last morning,when she got up, she felt terrible . After breakfast she feltevenworse.She found some medicineand took it. But it was useless to her and she had to go to a hospital.

The doctorlooked her over and askedher to be in hospital, but sherefusedandwent homeonfoot.Assoonasshe got home, the telephone rang.She hurried to answer it. It was the doctor. He told her she had left her purse in the hospital and a nurse had found it.


“Could you tell me her name,please?”asked Mrs. Green.


Of course, Mrs. Green. Are you going to thank her? ”asked the doctor.

“No, no.”She said,“My handbagwas lost threeyearsago.I want to know if she found it. ”


昨天早上(Last morning)。她起床(get up)时感觉(feel)很糟糕(terrible)。早餐(breakfast)后她觉得更严重(even worse),就找了一些药(medicine)吃了。但还是没用(useless)。她不得不去了医院(hospital)。

医生(doctor)给她作了检查并要求(ask)她住院,但她拒绝(refuse)了,然后步行(on foot)回家。她一(as soon as)到家,电话就响(ring)了,她赶紧(hurry)去接听电话,是医生打来的,他告诉这位女士她的钱包(purse)丢在了医院,一位护士(nurse)捡到了。


“当然可以(of course),格林夫人,您是要感谢(thank)她吗?”医生问道。

“不,不是,”她说:“我的手提包(handbag)三年前(three years ago)丢了,我想问问是不是她检到了。”

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