A Young Officer and an Old Soldie
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A very new,youngofficerwas at arailwaystation. He was going to visit his mother,and he wantedtotelephoneherto tell her the time of his train.He looked in all his pockets,but found that he did not have the coins for the telephone, so he went outsideandlookedaroundfor someone to help him.


Atlastan old soldier came by, and the young officer stopped him and said,“Have you got change for ten pence?”


Waitamoment,”the old soldier answered, beginning to put his hand in his pocket.“I'll see whetherI can help you.”

“Don't you know how to speak to an officer?”the young man said angrily.“Nowlet's start again Have you got change for ten pence?”

“No,sir,”the old soldier answered quickly.

一位新上任的(new)年轻军官(young officer)在火车站(railway station)候车。他要去看望(visit)他的母亲(mother)。他想打电话(want to telephone sb.)告诉(tell)母亲他的列车(train)到站的时间。但寻遍了所有的口袋(pocket),却发现(find)他没有打电话用的硬币(coin),于是他走到车站外面(outside),环顾四周(look around)想找人帮忙(help)。

最后(at last)有名老兵(old soldier)路过,年轻的军官拦住他道:“你有十便士(pence)的零钱(change)吗?”

“等会儿(wait a moment)。”老兵回答(answer),开始(begin)把手放(put)进口袋,“让我看看是否(whether)能帮助你。"

"难道你不知道(know)该怎样跟一位长官说话(speak)吗?”年轻人生气地(angrily)说,“现在我们重新开始(start again),你有十美分的硬币吗?”


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