Buying a House
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As housepriceshave risen too much these years, many people find it hard toafforda house. But all the people who do not have a house dream of the day when they‘ll pick up the keysto their ownhome. The idea of owning a home is wonderful.


Buying a house will cost you a lot of money, so never do itin a hurry. Whatever themarketconditionis, when you areplanningto buy a house,there are many things to consider,whatever yourintentionis, to buy or only rent(租).After all, it is going to be your home,perhapsfor quite a long time, and you want to be happy with it. You have to decidecorrectlywhat kind of house you want, how much you can afford to pay, and the type ofareayou wish to live in. However, it's always easy to forgetall above, because it's most probably that you'llfall in love withthe house for sale when you first see it.



这些年由于房价(house price)上涨过多,许多人发现很难买得起(afford)房子。但所有无房者都梦想有一天拿起他们自己家(their own home)的钥匙(key)。拥有(own)一个家的想法太美妙了。

买房子会花费你很多钱,因此决不能匆忙(in a hurry)。无论市场条件(market condition)如何,你在计划(plan)购房时都要考虑很多事情,无论你的意图(intention)如何,买还是只租。毕竟(after all)这要成为你的家了,或许(perhaps)会在里面住上很长一段时间,你当然想开心地在房子里生活。那么,你必须正确地(correctly)做决定,你想要什么样的房子,你能担负得起什么样的房子,以及你希望住在什么类型的区域(area)。然而,人们又很容易忘记(forget)以上所有问题,因为很可能当你第一次看到出售中的房子,你就会爱上它(fall in love with it)。

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