Jimmy and His Son's Funny Stories
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Jimmy is our new neighbor. He speaks with strangeaccent,but we like to talk with him. He told me an interesting story about himself.


He said he liked growing flowers in hisgardenin hissparetime. And one Sunday morning, after breakfast heput onhis old clothes and began digging in his garden. He dug and dug. After half an hour he suddenly found a coin near his foot. He put it in his right pocket. A few minutes later, he found another one. He put it in the same pocket,too.The same thing happened for the third, the fourth and the fifth time. He was very happy and told his wife about it. She was very happy, too. She said,“A thief(小偷)stolea lot of coins from a shop a few days ago. The policecaughthimbut they didn’t find any coins.”



Then Jimmy went ondigging and found some more coins, but just when he began to dig, he felt something cold in his trousers. It ran down one of his legs. He put his hand down quickly ——and the coin came into his hand. Now he knew there was a holeinhis pocket.



Jimmy also told me something even funnier about his son, Jack. One day he took his son Jack to a boy's clothing shop. That shop was giving away(赠送)balloons to buyers' children. Jack asked if he might have two balloons.“Sorry,”the salesperson said,“but we give only one balloon to each child. Do you have a brother at home?”Jack was always honest. He didn't tell lies, but he wanted another balloon badly.“No.”he replied regretfully,“but my sister has a brother, and I'd like one for him.”


What a lovely boy Jack is!





他说他喜欢在空闲的(spare)时间在他的花园(garden)里种花。一个星期天的早上,吃过早饭后,他穿上(put on)旧衣服,就在花园里开始挖土。他挖啊挖,半个小时后,突然他发现脚边有一枚硬币。他把硬币放进右边的衣服口袋里.几分钟后(a few minutes later),他又发现了另一枚。他还是放入同一个口袋。相同的事情又发生了,第三次、第四次、第五次。他非常高兴,然后告诉了他的妻子。她也很高兴,她说,“几天前有个小偷从一家商店里偷走(steal)好多硬币。警察(the police)抓住(catch)他但没找到硬币。”

然后吉米继续挖(go on digging).找到了更多的硬币,但就在他开始挖掘时,他感觉有什么凉凉的东西掉进他的裤子里。这个东西顺着他的腿往下滑。他迅速放下手——硬币在他手上了。现在他知道了他的口袋里有个洞(hole)。



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