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一. 单项填空(共 20 小题.每小题 l 分.满分 20 分)

1. In 1770 the room was completed ________ she wanted.

A. the way which B. the way in that

C. the way D. the way in

2. They suggested we________ to record our songs in a studio.

A. went B. could go C. would go D. go

3. They produced a new record in 1996, _______ they celebrated their former time as a real band.

A. with which B. in which C. on which D. to which

4. They were________ their fans formed clubs in order to get familiar with them.

A. such popular that B. so popular that

C. so popular as D. such popular as

5. We________ for the wool beneath our stomachs.

A. kill B. are killing C. will kill D. are being killed

6. As a result these endangered animals may even ________.

A. die out B. die of C. die from D. die down

7. ________ our programmer is like our coach.

A. In the way B. On the way C. In a way D. By the way

8. He used to download information from the Internet and ________ good use of it.

A. made B. making C. make D. to make

9. Since the 1970s many new applications________ for me.

A. have found B. have been found C. found D. were found

10. ________ time went by, I was made smaller.

A. As B. When C. While D. After

11. In this way you will become confident in ________ English.

A. speak B. speaking C. spoke D. will speak

12. I don’t doubt that the gold ring ________her.

A. is belonging to B. is belonged to

C. belongs to D. belong to

13. It was lucky for him to be admitted___the dream university he had longed for.

A. as B. to C. with D. for

14. Hundreds of jobs ________if the factory closes.

A. lose B. will be lost C. are lost D. will lose

15. Let’s go to the chemist’s shop _______ we can get the medicine we need.

A. what B. where C. that D. which

16. Every possible use should be ______ advanced technology.

A. made of B. made up C. made from D. made sure

17. ---Have you finished your project, Cathy?

---Not yet. My computer _____.

A. is still being fixed B. is not fixing

C. has already been fixed D. has not fixed

18. ____ is known to everybody, the moon travels round the earth once every month.

A. It B. As C. That D. What

19. Many laws have been worked out to ___ the natural environment from pollution.

A. protect B. prevent C. stop D. keep

20. Dorothy was always speaking highly of her role in the play, _____ of course, made the others unhappy.

A. who B. which C. this D. what


二. 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分.满分 20分)

In the United States there was an unusual tale telling of the daughter of a mechanic (技工). One day while walking along the bank of a lake, the girl21to see 20 eggs laid by a wild goose. After some time the girl 22the mother would not return to her eggs and she 23to take them home. There she carefully 24the eggs in the heat of a lamp. Several days 25the eggs broke and the baby geese came into the 26.

Geese are known to take the first living thing they see as their mother. 27,to these young geese, the girl was their mother.

As they 28, the girl was able to 29her birds to run across the grass, but she could not teach them to 30,. The girl became increasingly worried about this, both when 31and in her dreams. Later, she had an 32She would pilot a plane to guide them in 33. She asked her father for a plane and he assembled (组装) a small aircraft for her.

Caring about 34safety, the father decided to pilot the plane himself. However, the birds did not 35or follow him, and 36slept in the grass.

One day, the girl 37into the plane, started it and soon left the 38, Seeing their mother take to the air, the birds 39flapped (拍打) their wings and 40. She flew the plane freely in the sky, her young birds following.

21. A. managed B. attempted C. happened D. supposed

22. A. realized B. expected C. imagined D admitted

23. A. helped B. decided C. afforded D. meant

24. A. placed B. protected C. treated D. examined

25. A. ago B. out C. later D. long

26. A. family B. lake C. home D. world

27. A. But B. Also C. Thus D. Still

28. A. increased B. improved C. rose D. grew

29. A. ask B. lead C. want D. allow

30. A. fly B. race C. swim D. sing

31. A. asleep B. away C. around D. awake

32. A. idea B. opinion C. explanation D. excuse

33. A. sky B. heaven C. flight D. plane

34. A. his B. her C. their D. its

35. A. respect B. remember C. recognize D. receive

36. A. so B. instead C. hardly D. too

37. A. climbed B. looked C. reached D. fell

38. A. house B. floor C. water D. ground

39. A. secretly B. disappointedly C. patiently D. eagerly

40. A. looked away B. set out C. went by D. turned back


三. 阅读理解 (共 20小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分)


Schools and parents in Shenzhen City have been asked to take better care of children’s eyesight as 45 percent of them, were found to be shortsighted. Too much reading, poor lighting and too much TV are blamed. Of the city’s high school graduates who applied to attend college this summer, two-thirds had to have their choices limited because of poor eyesight, Shenzhen Special Zone (特区) Daily said.

41. This piece of news was reported by____ .

A. People’s Daily

B. Shenzhen Special Zone Daily

C. school in Shenzhen City

D. parents in Shenzhen City

42. Only___of the children in Shenzhen City have good eyesight.

A. 45 percent B. less than half C. 55 percent D. two—thirds

43. Because of being shortsighted many school graduates_____.

A. weren’t allowed to enter college

B. couldn’t graduate from high school

C. couldn’t choose to study what they liked best

D. lost their limited time


On the evening of June 21, 1992, a tall man with brown hair and blue eyes entered the beautiful hall of the Bell Tower Hotel in Xi’an with his bicycle. The hotel workers received him and telephoned the manager, for they had never seen a bicycle in the hotel ball before though they lived in “the kingdom of bicycles.”

Robert Friedlander, an American, arrived in Xi’an on his bicycle trip across Asia which started last December in New Delhi, India.

When he was 11, he read the book Marco Polo and made up his mind to visit the Silk Road. Now, after 44 years, he was on the Silk Road in Xi’an and his early dreams were coming true.

Robert Friedlander’s next destinations (目的地) were Lanzhou, Dunhuang, Urumqi, etc. He will complete his trip in Pakistan.

44. The best headline(标题) for this newspaper article would be _____.

A. The Kingdom of Bicycles

B. A Beautiful Hotel in Xi’an

C. Marco Polo and the Silk Road

D. An American Achieving His Aims

45. The hotel workers told the manager about Friedlander coming to the hotel because ____.

A. he asked to see the manager

B. he entered the hall with a bike

C. the manager had to know about all foreign guests

D. the manager knew about his trip and was expecting him

46. Friedlander is visiting the three countries in the following order, _____.

A. China, India, and Pakistan

B. India, China, and Pakistan

C. Pakistan, China, and India

D. China, Pakistan, and India

47. What made Friedlander want to come to China?

A. The stories about Marco Polo.

B. The famous sights in Xi’an.

C. His interest in Chinese silk.

D. His childhood dreams about bicycles.


Young people can have problems with their minds. Some students become worried because they have to study very hard. Others have trouble getting on well with people like their parents and classmates.

Liu Wei, a Junior 2 student from Hefei, could not understand his teacher and was doing badly in his lessons. He became so worried about it that he started to cut his finger with a knife. Another student, 14-year-old Yan Fang from Guangzhou, was afraid of exams. She got very worried in the test, and when she looked at the exam papers, she couldn’t think of anything to write.

A recent report from Jiefang Daily says about 18% of Shanghai teenagers have mental (心理的) problems. Their troubles include (包括) being worried and very unhappy, and having problems in learning and getting on well with people. Many students who have problems won’t go for advice or help. Some think they will look stupid if they go to see a doctor. Others don’t want to talk about their secret.

Liang Yuezhu, an expert on teenagers from Beijing Anding Hospital has the following advice for teenagers.

1) Talk to your parents or teachers often.

2) Take part in group activities and play sports.

3) Go to see a doctor if you feel unhappy or unwell.

48. The students who often become worried or have trouble getting on well with others may have ____.

A. mental problems B. a headache

C. knives with them D. no parents

49. Liu Wei cut his finger with a knife because _____.

A. he was afraid of his teacher

B. he wanted to frighten his parents

C. he was so worried about his study

D. his finger was badly hurt

50. Yan Fang’s problems happened whenever ______.

A. she studied very hard B. she had exams

C. she talked with her parents D. she thought of something

51. Students who have problems won’t ask others for help because ______.

A. they won’t let others think they are stupid

B. they don’t think doctors can help them

C. they don’t want to tell their secret to others

D. both A and C


Going to a new school can feel like starting all over again. You may feel like sad or angry about leaving your old school or friend. You may feel excited about a new beginning or a “fresh start”. You may feel nervous about having to meet new people. All of these feelings are normal when you start at a new school.

Most kids worry about fitting in at their new school. It’s common for a new kid to feel like an outsider for the first few weeks. Although you can be lonely, you can help yourself fit in by being friendly. Even if you are nervous, try to smile, say hello and ask questions.

Here are two places where you might meet friends in a new school:

● The classroom: Look around you; is there anyone who you can talk to? Do you take part in group activities in class? If so, try to join a new group every time.

● Playground: Most schools offer many team sports. Try to join these sports.

Some kids worry about their teachers when they start a new school. Even if the teachers are supportive, it can take some time to adjust to new rules or ways of teaching. Try talking to them about your problem. Besides, with a familiar face in the front of your classroom you may feel more comfortable during the first few weeks of school.

52. The best title for the passage is _______.

A. How to find a new school

B. The first few weeks in a new school

C. Tips for your “fresh start”

D. Normal feelings in a new school

53. How many feelings about going to a new school are mentioned in this passage?

A. 3. B. 4. C. 6. D. 5.

54. Which statement(陈述)is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Not all the kids worry about their teachers when they start a new school.

B. It is normal for a newcomer to feel lonely on a new campus.

C. The teachers in a new school won’t help the new students.

D. It is easy to find new friends in the classroom or playground.

55. Which advice is NOT mentioned(提到) in the passage?

A. Joining in group activities in class.

B. Taking part in physical exercises.

C. Going to the lab or library.

D. Talking with the teachers.


Some people think only school children do not agree with their parents, however, it is not true.

Communication is a problem for parents and children of all ages. If it’s hard for you to communicate with your parents, don’t worry about it. Here are some advice for you to bridge the generation gap (代沟).

Don’t argue (争辩) with your parents. Don’t get to your parents when you are angry. Your parents probably won’t consider your ideas if you are shouting at them. And you can’t express yourself well if you are angry. Go someplace to cool off. Make sure you understand why you are unhappy. Then think about what you want to say to your parents. If you don’t think you can speak to them at the moment, try writing a letter.

Try to reach a compromise (和解). Perhaps you and your parents disagree on something. You can keep your disagreement and try your best to accept each other. Michael’s mother didn’t agree with him about buying a motorcycle. They argued over it. But they finally came to a compromise. Michael bought the motorcycle, but only drove it on certain days.

Of course, your parents might refuse to compromise on something. In these situations, it is especially important to show love and respect (尊敬) to them. Showing respect will keep your relationship strong.

Talk about your values. The values of your parents are probably different from those of your own. Tell your parents what you care about, and why. Understanding your values might help them see your purposes in life.

A good relationship with your parents can make you a better and happier person. It is worth having a try!

56. According to the passage who have a communication problem?

A. parents and other people

B. only school kids and their parents

C. teachers and their students

D. parents and children of all ages

57. How many pieces of advice does the writer give us to bridge the generation gap?

A. 5. B. 4. C. 3. D. 2.

58. The underlined word “bridge” in the passage means “______”.

A. 建立 B. 消除 C. 通过 D. 到达

59. If the values of your parents are different from those of yours, you’d better ______.

A. argue with them

B. keep away from them

C. agree with them all the time

D. tell your parents what you care about

60. From the passage we learn that _______.

A. parents and children should not have a generation gap

B. parents should show love and respect to their children

C. there are some good ways to bridge the generation gap

D. there are so many serious problems in families today


四. 单词拼写(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)

61. So even the olive wreath has been(取代).

62. If you do wrong, you(应受) punishment.

63.(不管怎样), my goal is to provide humans with a life of high quality.

64. It(包含) a powerful drug which affects mosquitoes.

65. What should be done to punish people who do(危害)to the animals?

66. My mother likes to(装饰)rooms.

67. This restaurant is well(值得) a visit.

68. Shop in small local markets and don't be afraid to (讨价还价).

69. He began (表演) in the early fifties, singing and playing guitar.

70. Tom is quite (熟悉的) with Central Television.


五. 单句改错(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)

71. I think high of those who are searching for the Amber Room.

72. We are determined to creating an even better system.

73. In relief he burst into laughing.

74. Music is rather than just sound. It is a way of thinking.

75. In my surprise the entrance to the mine was closed.

76. The Olympic Games are held each four years on a regular basis.

77. I was able to share my knowledge for others through World Wide Web.

78. Many animal have disappeared during the long history of the earth.

79. Later they may give performances in pubs or clubs, in which they are paid in cash.

80. He was late again, that made his teacher very angry.


六. 书面表达(满分 20 分)


具体条件包括:1. 年龄 2. 性别 3. 爱好(旅游、运动、宠物等)。

注意:1. 词数 100 左右;2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3. 开头语已为你写好。

Dear Peter,

I am writing to ask whether you are able to do me a favor.

Best regards

Li Hua


1-5.CDABD 6-10.ACCBA 11-15.BCBBB 16-20.AABAB

21-25.CABAC 26-30.DCDBA 31-35.DACBC 36-40.BADDB

41-43.BCC 44-47.DBBA 48-51.ACBD 52-55.CACC 56-60.DCBDC

61. replaced 62.deserve 63.Anyhow/Anyway 64.contains 65.harm 66.decorate 67.worth 68.bargain 69. performing 70.familiar

71. high—highly 72. creating—create 73.laughing—laughter 74.rather—more

75. In—To 76. each—every 77. for—with 78. animal—animals

79. in which-- for which 80. that--which

Dear Peter,

I am writing to ask whether you are able to do me a favor.

I want to have a pen friend, hopefully a girl in her early twenties, and with interests similar to mine. In my mind, she is someone who is interested in traveling, swimming, and playing table tennis. Besides, it would be better for her to have a pet dog as I have kept one at home for some time. With such a pen friend, I hope I can share with her our experience in traveling, taking care of pets or whatever we have in common. And I believe I will improve my English by doing so and learn more about her country.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards

Li Hua

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